Specialist Tax Advice

Specialist tax advice

Restructuring your business can be useful in a number of scenarios that you may face in your business life.

Restructuring is a broad term that encompasses a range of situations, from a simple reorganisation of business processes through to more complex scenarios which involve a change in the legal structure of an underlying business.

Restructuring should be contemplated when:

  • Looking for outside equity
  • Your business has outgrown the existing structure
  • You are considering succession planning
  • You are considering estate planning
  • You want to protect certain assets from the risks of trading.

The benefits of restructuring

Successful restructures can minimise costs, utilise synergies of other entities, protect assets against unforeseen losses, and ensure flexibility for tax-effectiveness. However, there are many tax implications of changing your ownership structure, including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty, that need to be correctly managed.

In any restructure, Preda’s experienced team takes the time to understand your business objectives fully. We then recommend a business structure that best considers your goals, and manages the transition of your business to that new structure.

Above all, we take a commercial approach to business restructuring while managing and mitigating any resulting tax liabilities.

Talk to us about restructuring your business. When properly handled, it can achieve multiple objectives without giving rise to high taxation costs, so you receive maximum value from the change.