13 Mar 2015
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The Two Biggest Expenses You Will Ever Have

In your lifetime you will encounter many, many expenses. Doctors and dentists, cars and houses, repairs and replacements but there are two expenses that dwarf them all.


Tax & Retirement




Think about it, when you retire you stop working, that doesn’t mean your expenses stop rolling in. How much will you really need in retirement?


The average life expectancy for Australian males is approximately 80 years of age and 84 for females.


So when did you say you wanted to retire?


It doesn’t matter how old or young you are its time to start taking your retirement seriously. Who knows, if you get quality advice now you may even be able to retire early! Or follow your passion and do what you love without having to worry about your pay packet.


Along the way you’ll have another HUGE expense…




This is the one you do NOT want to get bigger. Legally reducing tax is one of the best strategies for improving your financial position. Which, in-turn can help out with that retirement fund.


If you currently pay in tax $20,000 (which is the approximate amount of total taxes you would pay if you earned $82,500 in this financial year) and you speak to a skilled tax accountant (say for instance Preda), with some quality tax planning and depending on your circumstances they could help save you $1,100 after their fees. If this happened each year, and each yearly $1,100 was invested each year at 6.5% p.a., it would return more than $100,000 over 30 years, and that’s when you start from scratch (i.e. zero savings). That’s an extra $100,000 for doing NOTHING.


So how long can you afford to wait to get this sorted?

NOW is the time to get started, not 2-3 years from now. Contact Preda today to discuss your Tax and Retirement to ensure yourself a better financial future.